Five Ways To Ensure Safety When Working With A 100-Ton Gantry Crane

It is absolutely essential to take steps to ensure safety when working with a 100-ton gantry crane. Because these cranes are capable of lifting and moving such incredibly heavy loads, they can be dangerous when they are operated incorrectly. Following strict safety protocols can help reduce the likelihood of accidents, keeping all of your workers safe. Below are five steps that you should take to ensure that your crane is always operated safely:

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100 Ton Gantry Crane
  1. Make sure all crane operators are properly trained. Never allow someone who doesn’t have the right type of training operate the crane. This is especially important with a 100-ton crane since the loads carried by the crane are so heavy. Even a simple mistake could be tragic if something went wrong.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the safe operation of the crane. All manufacturers provide safety guidelines for their cranes. Make sure that you read and follow these guidelines. Even if you are already trained on how to safely operate cranes, you still need to review the guidelines for the specific crane that you are using to ensure that you know exactly how to use the crane in the safest possible way
  3. Educate workers on crane safety. Workers who spend time in areas near the crane need to be thoroughly educated on proper safety protocols. Make sure they understand which areas to avoid so that they don’t get in the way of the crane. Teach them what not to do, as well. For instance, make sure that they know not to ride on the load when it is being carried by the crane. Although this sounds like common sense, a surprising number of people get hurt each year trying to do just that.
  4. Add safety features to the area around the crane. Warning lights, brightly colored tape on the floor, hazard signs, and other safety features can go a long way toward helping to prevent accidents. When workers know which areas to avoid and can recognize when the crane is in operation, it is easier for them to keep from getting injured.
  5. Properly maintain your equipment. Even if the crane operator and your workers all follow the right safety procedures, accidents can still occur if your crane is not properly maintained. Have the operator do a safety check every time they turn on the crane. On a regular basis, you should also schedule more in-depth inspections of the crane to make sure that there are no parts that are worn out or other issues that need to be addressed.
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Double Girder Gantry Crane 100t

If you want to ensure safety when working with a 100-ton gantry crane, make sure to follow these five tips. Keeping your workers safe by implementing proper safety protocols is essential. Crane safety is all about using common sense. Don’t allow unqualified people to operate the crane. Make sure everyone who works in the area where the crane is located understands how to stay safe. Finally, ensure that your equipment is properly maintained so that it runs the way that it should. To know more, click here