Why A 900 Ton Travel Lift Is Very Important To Have

High Quality 900 Ton Travel Lift for Sale
High Quality 900 Ton Travel Lift for Sale

Purchasing a travel lift for marine vehicles is a common practice. It is especially true with those that own very expensive boats including yachts and sailboats. For those that do not have access to a waterway to get into the ocean, and they do not want to leave their vessel at the pier or dock, they will need to bring it out of the water. A 900 ton travel lift is quite large, as well as powerful, designed for some of the largest luxury boats that are made. If it’s important for you to have one, you can locate a business that is selling them for a discounted price. However, you need to know where to begin your research.

Where Are These Companies Going To Advertise?

These companies are going to advertise in many different locations. This will include classified ads in local papers, but more commonly, they will be on international classified ads that are digital. Businesses that are selling these products are extremely large, and can easily produce one that can lift nearly 1000 tons. If your boat is that big, you do want to make sure it is made by a competent company. You do not want it dropping because the straps that hold it up fail. Your research on these different manufacturers is absolutely important. That’s why you should take your time and narrow down your choices to the top two or three that look promising.

Professional 900 Ton Travel Lift for Business
Professional 900 Ton Travel Lift for Business

What Specs Will These 900 Ton Travel Lifts Have?

The specs of these travel lifts will be related to how much they lift, how fast they can lift things, and how fast they are able to travel on land. Always look at these specifications which are the qualities that may cause you to purchase one over another. At the very least, he needs to have a minimum lifting capacity of 900 tons to handle the vessel that you are going to be lifting and lowering into the water every day. If this is for a business, and multiple people will be using the same apparatus, you absolutely need to make sure that it is perfectly functional and will not lead to accidents occurring.

Will It Take Long To Arrive Once You Order It?

It may take a few weeks for it to arrive, but you never know until it does get to your location. It could be held up at the port, but they will usually provide you with updates along the way. Order from a company that is well-known for delivering on time, and make sure that you can get an exceptional deal on the price of shipping. If you can, you should have it delivered in a reasonable amount of time to wherever you happen to be.

Once you have your 900 ton travel lift set up, whether for yourself, or for others, it will be constructed by a professional team. You won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning, as long as you have purchased it from a reliable company that is known for producing top quality travel lifts. It may improve your business by allowing people with larger boats to use your facility. If you have just purchased a larger yacht yourself, then this will be the perfect size for getting yours into and out of the water every time you want to go for a ride out on the ocean. https://marinetravellift.com/

The Benefits Of The Concrete Hollow Block Machine In The Philippines

Concrete blocks are used in many construction projects in the Philippines. This machine allows you to make a variety of different projects and the blocks are used in home building and other types of projects in this area. The hollow block making machine allows you to create many different types of blocks. Read on to learn more about this machine and how it can benefit your construction business.


This concrete hollow block machine for sale Philippines is environmentally-friendly and it doesn’t use a lot of energy. The machine helps you get a lot of different things done and you can make the blocks for an affordable price because the machine doesn’t cost a lot of money to run and it doesn’t use a lot of resources either.

Easy to use

This machine is very easy to use and it makes high-density blocks that are very strong and hard. The type of block the machine makes is going to depend on the mold that you use. You can choose from a variety of molds so you can make the blocks that are going to be best for your needs.

The machine is cheap to operate and you can make the bricks out of very cheap materials like sand, stone, cement, dust, ash, gravel and more. The materials are very cheap and the machine doesn’t cost a lot of money to run either. It is easy to save money with this machine and it won’t cost a lot of money to make the bricks.

Many sizes for your selection

The machine comes in many sizes. You will have to decide which concrete hollow blocks machine philippines you want to use depending on how many blocks you need to make. The machine is going to make a lot of blocks and you can use the blocks to complete all of your projects. The blocks will help your company to complete their projects faster and the machine is very efficient.

The machine can help you get a lot of blocks made in a short amount of time. The block machine is affordable and it is a great addition to any business venture. The machine doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and it is designed to run for a long time without needing any maintenance. The machine just needs to be inspected and lubricated every once in a while so that it runs smoothly.

The hollow block machine is a great investment in any construction business in the Philippines. This machine is going to help you make a lot of blocks so you can get all of your work done faster. You can save a lot of money with this machine and it helps you complete your projects faster so you can get your projects done faster. The machine doesn’t cost a lot of money to maintain and you just need to perform typical maintenance on the machine to ensure that it is going to run like it is supposed to. The block making machine is a great investment in your business and you can get a lot done and make more money when you use this machine. Here you can contact to learn more about the concrete hollow blocks price list philippines.

The Benefits Of The Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

If you use a lot of tile adhesive in your business you might want to think about buying a tile adhesive plant so you can make your own adhesive and not have to buy it from an outside source. Investing in one of these plants can save you money and it can help you get more work done. These tile adhesive making machines for sale are very easy to use and set up and they can produce large amounts of tile adhesive. You can use the plants to make as much tile adhesive as you want and the plants are an economical way to take care of your adhesive needs.

GJ20 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
tile adhesive manufacturing plant

Various of tile adhesive manufacturing plant

The plants come in a variety of sizes and you have to make sure that you choose a plant that is the right size for your needs. The plant is going to produce large amounts of tile adhesive in a short period of time and you can use the adhesive right away for all of the projects you need to complete. The adhesive is very easy to use and it is made out of affordable materials so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to produce the adhesive.

Once you start making your own adhesive you are going to save a lot of money and it is going to be easier to get things done. You can easily make your own adhesive for an affordable price. It doesn’t make any sense to pay for tile adhesive when you can invest in a machine and produce it yourself. The machine will pay for itself at some point and then you will be getting the adhesive you need for free. You won’t need to pay anything for it.

GJ15 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
tile adhesive mortar plant for sale

Easily maintain and repair the plant

The machine is designed to need little maintenance and it will work for a long time without needing any work. You can run it for a long time without needing to make any repairs to it and it is going to help you get a lot of work done. The machine is affordable and it can help you get a lot of work done and it can save you money.

You will want to spend some time researching the different machines so you are confident that you are making the best decision for your business. You have a lot of different choices and there are many different machines you can choose from. The right machine is going to make it a lot easier to save money and you can learn all about the different machines by reading about them. You want to take some time to read about the different machines so you know what to expect with them. You want to make sure that you educate yourself about the different types of adhesive machines so you know what to buy when the time comes.

GJ40 tile adhesive manufacturing plant
tile adhesive production line

The tile adhesive plant is a powerful piece of machinery and it can be used in a variety of ways to make your business more profitable. This machine is going to produce all the tile adhesive you need. Continue to click here to learn more, https://www.linkedin.com/in/li-sunny-483257122/detail/recent-activity/shares/ .

The Amazing Advantages Of Small Concrete Pumps For Sale

Making the switch from large concrete pumps to small concrete pumps can be a daunting endeavor for many different companies. This is because if set routines for various projects have been designed with large pumps in mind, they must be altered to accommodate for the new small pumps being used. Many people in the industry question whether going through with such a drastic change is worth the money and time. However, recent experiences that I have had show me that it’s usually well worth switching to using small concrete pumps for sale philippines. Here are a few of the amazing advantages that occur from making the switch.

small concrete mixer with pump machine

Installation of small concrete pump machine

Installation costs of smaller concrete pumps are drastically smaller than the costs of installation of large pumps. Considering just how quickly installation costs can add up on a particular project, it makes sense that there are a lot of benefits choosing to use a tool that is much easier to put into place in a construction site. Lots of companies that I have worked with have noticed that there has been a nice bump in the total profit margins that they are able to extract from a given construction project thanks to switching to smaller pumps.

In addition, the difficulty of installation of smaller pumps is much less than that of larger and bulkier concrete pumps. Having difficult to install pumps means that experts have to be hired in order for the right installation procedures to be completed. This type of situation can balloon costs can cause delay to a number of different processes that are currently being implemented on site. Thus, being able to remove any unnecessary time drains by going with a pump that is much easier to install is something that lots of businesses should seriously consider.

electric engine small mixer pump

Less maintenance cost of small concrete pump

The cost to maintain one section of small concrete pump is much less than that of a larger concrete pump. Once again, when looking at effective ways of reducing all of the overhead costs that arise from a given project, using a smaller pump has a lot of benefits. Maintenance costs can really make a difference over the long term. For properties that a company is managing for an indefinite period of time, maintenance costs should be minimized as much as possible. This way, the total yield that is achieved from a given property will be further maximized.

Getting the best deal for small concrete pumps is also generally easier than that for large pumps. This is because there are more manufacturers of small pumps than there are for larger pumps. Thus, because of the laws of market competition, there are usually lots of great competitive prices available for a given order of smaller sized concrete pumps.

small concrete trailer pump for sale

Hence, I believe that companies can gain a lot from reducing various different overhead costs by starting to utilize small concrete pumps. This way, many struggling firms can start to regain lost profitability and start to grow and dominate the industry once again. It’s amazing just how much of a difference a small change such as this can make on the future prospects of a corporation. If you are interested in small concrete pump, welcome to contact us to get more information, https://www.linkedin.com/company/19073264/admin/ .

Usage Of Interlocking Brick Making Machine

The usages of interlocking bricks that are made by interlocking machines have become popular all over the world. The machine is used in making the interlocking bricks, footpaths, garden, and parks. The machine recycles the waste products to make the interlocking bricks at a low cost. There are various advantages of using this machine in brick production. Some of these are, it is efficient in terms of the rate of working, it has a high reward compared to the low investments that are done to it.

To add on that, the interlocking machine is very flexible because the customer is able to change the molds to forms the various shapes of their desire.

Raw materials for interlocking brick making the machine

The major materials that the machine uses are fly ash, water, gravel, stone powder, and water. These are the common material although there are others which can be used. The interlocking materials that are made can be either sidewalk s-type bricks or high-speed water bricks.

How to choose the best interlocking bricks making machine

If you are in need of the machine and you want to buy the machine you need to have some tips that will help you in choosing the best machine. Some of the tips to follow include

Know the need of your of the output- before you buy the machine you need to know the production requirement. If your project is a large scale then you need to choose the machine that has high production. It will not be good for you to go for a high production machine yet your project is small sized.

Choose a credible company- the place where you will get your machine matters a lot. The credible one has got a machine with advanced technology and hence you will be able to have high-quality interlocking bricks.

Always compare the price of the machine in various production companies. In most cases, many customers will like to buy the machine at the cheapest cost as possible. Nowadays there are many interlocking machine company manufactures all over. When you are buying, try to do some research on the cost of it in many of these companies.

How to make the interlocking bricks

After buying their machines, most customers will need to know how they are working. This interlock block machine does not need one to be an expert in order to operate it. It has got simple 4 major steps that you will need to follow in order to come out with your bricks. The steps include:

Batching- in this stage, the operator is supposed to put the raw materials on the batching machine. This machine will help in weighing each of the materials depending on the required amounts.

Mixing- after weighing them, the various counties are then on the mixer. The mixer will help in mixing the materials to form a uniform mixture of the materials. Then the mixture is transferred onto the storage belt and then to the distributor.

Molding stage- the materials are then brought the mold box .here there is an automatic upward movement and vibrations that occur. The upper and lower molds will move to form bricks which are then placed on the pellets.

Drying stage-the formed bricks are taken to the drying field in which they are left to dry there for let say 1 week. As they will be drying you are required to water them every
day so that to make them have some weight that is required.

The features of the interlocking machine

It has a special interlocking design- the design helps in coming up with the bricks of the various design as per the need of the customer

Vibration system- this is done to ensure that the conversion is well done. It will also ensure that there is quick molding and the densities of the bricks that are produced are of high quality.

It uses a high automatic system- the hydraform interlocking bricks machine as adopted the PLC technology system and the monitor system that helps to monitor the process of the machine.

Multifunction system- the machine comprises of the molds of various types that help in making the bricks of various sizes, and shapes.


Interlocking bricks machine is the best machine to use for
the production of the interlock bricks. Consider it as the number one option if
you need it.

Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

We are glad to offer you a perfect solution for your heavy lifting needs in a small or large industrial setup. Electric hoist gantry crane is an ideal equipment to be employed in environments where you require heavy lifting of equipment, objects or material with rapid movements and at a stable and reliable way. The electric hoist greatly improves the gantry crane’s efficiency on the task at hand. Electric hoist gantry cranes are increasingly replacing other kinds of overhead cranes due to their reliability in handling very heavy loads with very positive results in varied fields such as manufacturing plants, production assembly plants, factories, offloading stations and so on. They can be applied both in indoor and outdoor environments.

Electric hoist gantry cranes are also very environmentally friendly since they employ the use of electricity as opposed to fuel and thereby eliminating the chances of oil spillage and can prevent chances of pollution to the environment especially when implemented in areas with water bodies like lakes or the ocean. The other factor to be considered is that electricity is only consumed/used whenever the crane is in use and thereby saving on operational costs.Electric hoist gantry crane is composed of two support legs, beam, traveling organ, electric hoist and electric operating equipment. Like the overhead eot crane, the electric gantry crane has two major variations which are single girder electric hoist gantry crane and double girder electric hoist gantry crane. These cranes use more or less the same principles but are applied under different circumstances depending on your specific requirements based on factors such as the kind of load to be carried and weight of the load in question.

The single girder electric hoist gantry crane is made up of a single beam and two legs on both ends of the crane with an electric hoist that is responsible for carrying the load. The single girder crane is best suited for outdoor and indoor operations where the weight of the load is not very heavy but the requirement for movement of materials or load is rapid and stability of the moving materials is also considered to be of importance.

The double girder electric hoist gantry crane is made up of two steel beams running parallel to each other with two legs supporting each beam and an electric hoist for carrying the load. This kind of crane is much more robust compared to the single girder electric hoist gantry and can carry very heavy loads of 100 tons and more with much ease. It is also relatively stable, durable and resilient since the weight of the load to be carried is evenly distributed to each of the beams and to their respective legs.Electric hoist gantry can be used in the outdoor environment where there is little or no support of a building or steel support structure or in the indoor environment where the building’s structure in place is not suited to accommodate overhead cranes. Most of the electric hoist gantry cranes are made to a customer’s specifications and customized to fit their particular situation. It is with this in mind that we would like to encourage our clients to contact us directly for consultation so as to assist them make a right decision on the best kind of crane that will suit their particular need.

We have a range of experts in the field of cranes and production of heavy load equipment who are always available to consult and guide our esteemed clients so as to point them in the right direction on matters regarding their specific needs. Our equipment and products are carefully crafted following very strict and precise quality standards so as to achieve robust, reliable, durable and efficient products that are the envy of our close competitors. We value quality since this goes hand in hand with safety of our products at the work place and the safety of your equipment and workers on the ground. We offer the best advice to potential clients and carry out installation of the desired equipment at the client’s site including doing routine maintenance services for all our equipment and products.We would therefore like to urge you to take a step and give us a call regarding your needs and we shall be very happy to offer you a great solution.

Five Ways To Ensure Safety When Working With A 100-Ton Gantry Crane

It is absolutely essential to take steps to ensure safety when working with a 100-ton gantry crane. Because these cranes are capable of lifting and moving such incredibly heavy loads, they can be dangerous when they are operated incorrectly. Following strict safety protocols can help reduce the likelihood of accidents, keeping all of your workers safe. Below are five steps that you should take to ensure that your crane is always operated safely:

100 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale
100 Ton Gantry Crane
  1. Make sure all crane operators are properly trained. Never allow someone who doesn’t have the right type of training operate the crane. This is especially important with a 100-ton crane since the loads carried by the crane are so heavy. Even a simple mistake could be tragic if something went wrong.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the safe operation of the crane. All manufacturers provide safety guidelines for their cranes. Make sure that you read and follow these guidelines. Even if you are already trained on how to safely operate cranes, you still need to review the guidelines for the specific crane that you are using to ensure that you know exactly how to use the crane in the safest possible way
  3. Educate workers on crane safety. Workers who spend time in areas near the crane need to be thoroughly educated on proper safety protocols. Make sure they understand which areas to avoid so that they don’t get in the way of the crane. Teach them what not to do, as well. For instance, make sure that they know not to ride on the load when it is being carried by the crane. Although this sounds like common sense, a surprising number of people get hurt each year trying to do just that.
  4. Add safety features to the area around the crane. Warning lights, brightly colored tape on the floor, hazard signs, and other safety features can go a long way toward helping to prevent accidents. When workers know which areas to avoid and can recognize when the crane is in operation, it is easier for them to keep from getting injured.
  5. Properly maintain your equipment. Even if the crane operator and your workers all follow the right safety procedures, accidents can still occur if your crane is not properly maintained. Have the operator do a safety check every time they turn on the crane. On a regular basis, you should also schedule more in-depth inspections of the crane to make sure that there are no parts that are worn out or other issues that need to be addressed.
Double Girder Gantry Crane 100t
Double Girder Gantry Crane 100t

If you want to ensure safety when working with a 100-ton gantry crane, make sure to follow these five tips. Keeping your workers safe by implementing proper safety protocols is essential. Crane safety is all about using common sense. Don’t allow unqualified people to operate the crane. Make sure everyone who works in the area where the crane is located understands how to stay safe. Finally, ensure that your equipment is properly maintained so that it runs the way that it should. To know more, click here steelmillcranes.com/

Why Buying An Overhead Crane Online Can Be Better Than Buying One In A Store

When it comes to buying an overhead crane, shopping online offers a number of advantages over shopping in person at a traditional retail store. Once you understand the benefits of online shopping, you no doubt will want to start searching for the perfect overhead crane for your business right away.

overhead crane single viga

One of the main advantages of shopping on the Internet is that you have access to a larger range of options. Instead of being limited to the retailers in your own local area, you can shop from stores throughout the world. As a result, it is usually a lot easier to find a crane that is not only sized correctly but that also has all of the features that you need.

For instance, most retailers only carry a few different brands of overhead cranes. If you visit a local store, your choices will be limited to cranes from those specific manufacturers(fabricantes específicos). That may make it a lot more difficult to find what you need.

overhead crane best type

Una grúa adecuada para pequeñas fábricas:aicrane.cl/puente-grua-monorriel/

When you shop online, on the other hand, you can find cranes for sale from just about every manufacturer in the world. That gives you a much larger selection to choose from.

Another benefit of shopping online is that you don’t have to go anywhere. Instead, you can shop from your office or from the comfort of home. You can avoid the hassle of having to drive all the way across town through traffic, which not only makes the process less stressful but also saves a lot of time.

big bridge crane doble viga

Conducting in-depth research online is a lot easier than at a store, as well. When you find a crane you are interested in online, you can search for a lot of additional information. Along with looking up the specifications of the crane(Especificaciones de la grúa.), you can also find videos of it operating so that you can see it in action. Perhaps even more importantly, you can usually find customer reviews. These reviews can help you decide whether or not the quality of the crane will live up to your standards.

When you shop in a store, conducting research is much more difficult. Instead of being able to look up information on your own, you are pretty much at the mercy of the salesperson. Although you can ask them questions, there is no way to verify whether or not the information they are giving you is accurate. Additionally, you don’t get the benefit of being able to check out other customer reviews when you shop in person.

There are a lot of reasons why buying an overhead crane online is better than buying one in a store. Not only is shopping online quick and convenient but it also provides you with a much better selection. Additionally, you can conduct research a lot more easily when you are shopping online, allowing you to lookup key details or check out reviews before investing your money in a crane. Together, all of these benefits make online shopping an excellent choice when searching for the ideal overhead crane for your business.


What Are The Different Types Of Garage Gantry Cranes?

We normally think of gantry cranes for use in shipping yards, factories, and warehouses. Garage gantry cranes are usually smaller versions of the large gantry cranes and can be used in smaller shops and even in garages.

Most garage gantry cranes you will find are small in size and designed to lift between 500 to 5000 pounds. You can find them with heavier lifting capacities, but the size of the gantry assembly will usually be larger and may not fit in a standard home garage or an automotive garage.

common garage gantry crane

common garage gantry crane in Weihua group

The average gantry crane for use in a garage is portable and mounted on wheels. This allows for easy movement of loads without all the overhead structures associated with large gantry cranes. You will find a couple of different options on the wheels for these portable cranes. Some units come equipped with steel wheels for added durability. Other units come equipped with rubber covered wheels which often work better when you encounter small obstacles or cracks in the floor. The rubber wheels are also gentler on concrete floors when they are being moved.

The wheels are normally equipped with brakes to make sure the crane does not slip while you are lifting and lowering loads.

Where do the differences start to come in?

One of the biggest differences is in the type of hoists the cranes are equipped with. Since these are normally low-cost cranes, it is common to find them equipped with manual hoists. You pull the chains to raise and lower your loads. For just a few extra dollars, you can have a similar crane equipped with an electric hoist. An electric hoist makes raising and lowering your load easier and more accurate.

Your garage gantry crane will have two vertical beams which are supported with triangular braces. The top horizontal beam will be designed to allow you to move the load side-to-side with rollers built onto the hoist mechanism.

single girder garage gantry crane for sale

single girder garage gantry crane

You should consider how large of span and how much height you need for your garage crane. Common variables run from a 3-meter span up to 9 meters. Heights are normally in the same ranges. Some garage gantry cranes have adjustable heights allowing you to raise and lower the vertical beams depending on your current needs. This is a nice feature when using the crane in a machine shop, or other business, where different users may require different lifting capabilities. As a professional gantry crane manufacturer, we provide various gantry cranes with different lifting capacities, such as gantry crane for workshop and port gantry crane etc.

You can buy garage gantry cranes from a wide variety of suppliers, or you can build your own. Do-it-yourself plans are available online for building your crane. We do not recommend businesses build their own cranes, since it may cause additional liability issues.

Garage gantry cranes may be the simplest form of crane you can buy, but you still need to shop carefully. Make sure you choose a crane that will handle the maximum loads you may ever need to lift. Compare prices for electric hoists versus manual hoists, you may be able to save yourself effort for very little difference in price.

Useful reference:https://dafanggantrycrane.com/garage-gantry-crane/

standard semi garage gantry crane supplier

standard semi garage gantry crane

How To Get Affordable Small Brick Making Machines For Sale In Kenya

A small brick making machine is a unique device that was likely created to improve a company’s ability to complete projects. Modern technology has improved upon the ones that were initially made decades ago, allowing them to produce thousands of bricks on autopilot. In Kenya, there are businesses that produce some of the top models in the world, and they do offer them at reasonable prices. For those that have never purchased small brick making machines in Kenya before, you should know that you can get them in Kenya for a very reasonable cost that will help you improve your business in the next. To obtain one from a reliable company in Kenya, let’s look at what your options are.

What Type Of A Brick Making Machine Should You Get For Your Business?

If you have a larger business, it is highly recommended that you get one of the larger models. Although they are often referred to as machines, they are more like a large brick making plant due to their size. It all begins with a cement silo that will disseminate the dry cement into a weighing system. This is how they will know if they have the right amount to use. This will subsequently go into the batching system, and eventually the concrete mixer, where the cement can be made ready to pour. A hydraulic unit will then be used to pour this concrete into the molds, and subsequently the bricks will harden. These will then be stacked off so they can be sold, or later used for projects, all of which is very easy to accomplish.

small concrete block making machine Kenya

small concrete block making machine Kenya

How To Locate Companies In Kenya That Sell Them

In Kenya, depending upon where you are in the country, you may find one or two of these businesses very easily. You could be in a large city like Nairobi or Mombasa, there should be businesses that can offer you very good deals. Your research on the businesses will help you understand their origins, how long they have been in business, and you may also find testimonials from prior customers. All of this information will make it very simple for you to get an affordable small concrete block making machine price Kenya that can dramatically improve your production levels.

Why Most Businesses Invest In This Type Of Equipment

Many of the businesses that offer this type of equipment are also adept at producing similar types of industrial products. The longer they have been in business, and the comments that you may find about these companies, can help you narrow down the potential businesses to work with. You do want to obtain a brick making machine that has proper output, and is also consistent in the production of bricks that you will use on different jobs. This research that you find will help you get not only the best machine out there, but a price that will be very affordable.

QT3-15 small brick making machines sale in Kenya

QT3-15 small brick making machines sale in Kenya

Will It Take Long To Recover Your Initial Investment?

The investment that you make could be a substantial amount of money, something that you can recover quite rapidly. It depends on whether you are using this machine for your own use, or if you plan to sell some of the bricks to competitors and other businesses. If you are trying to create a large-scale business, one that can generate secondary revenue, definitely get one of the larger machines. This will help you take on more businesses, and at the same time, make more money with your investment.

If you have decided to invest in a brick making machine, you can find them on sale in Kenya: https://aimixconcreteblockmachine.com/brick-making-machine-kenya/. If you specifically need a smaller unit, you will find that these are very affordable in this country. If you are in Kenya, delivery time could be extremely fast, especially if you are in the same city where they are manufactured. If you are obtaining this for your company, yet you are not near Kenya at all, always factor in the cost of shipping to the total cost. It could be a very wise decision investing in one of these brick making machines. It just takes some research, and a small amount of time, to get the best one that is currently on sale today.