Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

We are glad to offer you a perfect solution for your heavy lifting needs in a small or large industrial setup. Electric hoist gantry crane is an ideal equipment to be employed in environments where you require heavy lifting of equipment, objects or material with rapid movements and at a stable and reliable way. The electric hoist greatly improves the gantry crane’s efficiency on the task at hand. Electric hoist gantry cranes are increasingly replacing other kinds of overhead cranes due to their reliability in handling very heavy loads with very positive results in varied fields such as manufacturing plants, production assembly plants, factories, offloading stations and so on. They can be applied both in indoor and outdoor environments.

Electric hoist gantry cranes are also very environmentally friendly since they employ the use of electricity as opposed to fuel and thereby eliminating the chances of oil spillage and can prevent chances of pollution to the environment especially when implemented in areas with water bodies like lakes or the ocean. The other factor to be considered is that electricity is only consumed/used whenever the crane is in use and thereby saving on operational costs.Electric hoist gantry crane is composed of two support legs, beam, traveling organ, electric hoist and electric operating equipment. Like the overhead eot crane, the electric gantry crane has two major variations which are single girder electric hoist gantry crane and double girder electric hoist gantry crane. These cranes use more or less the same principles but are applied under different circumstances depending on your specific requirements based on factors such as the kind of load to be carried and weight of the load in question.

The single girder electric hoist gantry crane is made up of a single beam and two legs on both ends of the crane with an electric hoist that is responsible for carrying the load. The single girder crane is best suited for outdoor and indoor operations where the weight of the load is not very heavy but the requirement for movement of materials or load is rapid and stability of the moving materials is also considered to be of importance.

The double girder electric hoist gantry crane is made up of two steel beams running parallel to each other with two legs supporting each beam and an electric hoist for carrying the load. This kind of crane is much more robust compared to the single girder electric hoist gantry and can carry very heavy loads of 100 tons and more with much ease. It is also relatively stable, durable and resilient since the weight of the load to be carried is evenly distributed to each of the beams and to their respective legs.Electric hoist gantry can be used in the outdoor environment where there is little or no support of a building or steel support structure or in the indoor environment where the building’s structure in place is not suited to accommodate overhead cranes. Most of the electric hoist gantry cranes are made to a customer’s specifications and customized to fit their particular situation. It is with this in mind that we would like to encourage our clients to contact us directly for consultation so as to assist them make a right decision on the best kind of crane that will suit their particular need.

We have a range of experts in the field of cranes and production of heavy load equipment who are always available to consult and guide our esteemed clients so as to point them in the right direction on matters regarding their specific needs. Our equipment and products are carefully crafted following very strict and precise quality standards so as to achieve robust, reliable, durable and efficient products that are the envy of our close competitors. We value quality since this goes hand in hand with safety of our products at the work place and the safety of your equipment and workers on the ground. We offer the best advice to potential clients and carry out installation of the desired equipment at the client’s site including doing routine maintenance services for all our equipment and products.We would therefore like to urge you to take a step and give us a call regarding your needs and we shall be very happy to offer you a great solution.

Five Ways To Ensure Safety When Working With A 100-Ton Gantry Crane

It is absolutely essential to take steps to ensure safety when working with a 100-ton gantry crane. Because these cranes are capable of lifting and moving such incredibly heavy loads, they can be dangerous when they are operated incorrectly. Following strict safety protocols can help reduce the likelihood of accidents, keeping all of your workers safe. Below are five steps that you should take to ensure that your crane is always operated safely:

100 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale
100 Ton Gantry Crane
  1. Make sure all crane operators are properly trained. Never allow someone who doesn’t have the right type of training operate the crane. This is especially important with a 100-ton crane since the loads carried by the crane are so heavy. Even a simple mistake could be tragic if something went wrong.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the safe operation of the crane. All manufacturers provide safety guidelines for their cranes. Make sure that you read and follow these guidelines. Even if you are already trained on how to safely operate cranes, you still need to review the guidelines for the specific crane that you are using to ensure that you know exactly how to use the crane in the safest possible way
  3. Educate workers on crane safety. Workers who spend time in areas near the crane need to be thoroughly educated on proper safety protocols. Make sure they understand which areas to avoid so that they don’t get in the way of the crane. Teach them what not to do, as well. For instance, make sure that they know not to ride on the load when it is being carried by the crane. Although this sounds like common sense, a surprising number of people get hurt each year trying to do just that.
  4. Add safety features to the area around the crane. Warning lights, brightly colored tape on the floor, hazard signs, and other safety features can go a long way toward helping to prevent accidents. When workers know which areas to avoid and can recognize when the crane is in operation, it is easier for them to keep from getting injured.
  5. Properly maintain your equipment. Even if the crane operator and your workers all follow the right safety procedures, accidents can still occur if your crane is not properly maintained. Have the operator do a safety check every time they turn on the crane. On a regular basis, you should also schedule more in-depth inspections of the crane to make sure that there are no parts that are worn out or other issues that need to be addressed.
Double Girder Gantry Crane 100t
Double Girder Gantry Crane 100t

If you want to ensure safety when working with a 100-ton gantry crane, make sure to follow these five tips. Keeping your workers safe by implementing proper safety protocols is essential. Crane safety is all about using common sense. Don’t allow unqualified people to operate the crane. Make sure everyone who works in the area where the crane is located understands how to stay safe. Finally, ensure that your equipment is properly maintained so that it runs the way that it should. To know more, click here steelmillcranes.com/

What Are The Different Types Of Garage Gantry Cranes?

We normally think of gantry cranes for use in shipping yards, factories, and warehouses. Garage gantry cranes are usually smaller versions of the large gantry cranes and can be used in smaller shops and even in garages.

Most garage gantry cranes you will find are small in size and designed to lift between 500 to 5000 pounds. You can find them with heavier lifting capacities, but the size of the gantry assembly will usually be larger and may not fit in a standard home garage or an automotive garage.

common garage gantry crane

common garage gantry crane in Weihua group

The average gantry crane for use in a garage is portable and mounted on wheels. This allows for easy movement of loads without all the overhead structures associated with large gantry cranes. You will find a couple of different options on the wheels for these portable cranes. Some units come equipped with steel wheels for added durability. Other units come equipped with rubber covered wheels which often work better when you encounter small obstacles or cracks in the floor. The rubber wheels are also gentler on concrete floors when they are being moved.

The wheels are normally equipped with brakes to make sure the crane does not slip while you are lifting and lowering loads.

Where do the differences start to come in?

One of the biggest differences is in the type of hoists the cranes are equipped with. Since these are normally low-cost cranes, it is common to find them equipped with manual hoists. You pull the chains to raise and lower your loads. For just a few extra dollars, you can have a similar crane equipped with an electric hoist. An electric hoist makes raising and lowering your load easier and more accurate.

Your garage gantry crane will have two vertical beams which are supported with triangular braces. The top horizontal beam will be designed to allow you to move the load side-to-side with rollers built onto the hoist mechanism.

single girder garage gantry crane for sale

single girder garage gantry crane

You should consider how large of span and how much height you need for your garage crane. Common variables run from a 3-meter span up to 9 meters. Heights are normally in the same ranges. Some garage gantry cranes have adjustable heights allowing you to raise and lower the vertical beams depending on your current needs. This is a nice feature when using the crane in a machine shop, or other business, where different users may require different lifting capabilities. As a professional gantry crane manufacturer, we provide various gantry cranes with different lifting capacities, such as gantry crane for workshop and port gantry crane etc.

You can buy garage gantry cranes from a wide variety of suppliers, or you can build your own. Do-it-yourself plans are available online for building your crane. We do not recommend businesses build their own cranes, since it may cause additional liability issues.

Garage gantry cranes may be the simplest form of crane you can buy, but you still need to shop carefully. Make sure you choose a crane that will handle the maximum loads you may ever need to lift. Compare prices for electric hoists versus manual hoists, you may be able to save yourself effort for very little difference in price.

Useful reference:https://dafanggantrycrane.com/garage-gantry-crane/

standard semi garage gantry crane supplier

standard semi garage gantry crane

Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between RMG Cranes And RTG Cranes

If you’re currently managing a large-scale project, then it’s likely that you’ve had experience using various different cranes. Currently, there are hundreds of different types of cranes that are regularly used on construction sites. It goes without saying that not all managers are aware of each and every type of crane that is commonly used. Certain cranes are specifically designed for use in only one specific type of project. With this in mind, here is the importance of knowing the difference between RMG cranes and RTG cranes.

Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between RMG Crane And RTG Crane

Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between RMG Crane And RTG Crane

Lots of project managers have heard of both RMG cranes and RTG cranes, however, they may have never used them in any of their past projects. Because of this, many have the false belief that they shouldn’t have to remember or know about these particular types of cranes (tipos populares de grúa). This kind of thinking can lead to a lot of trouble, as there are often multiple project managers on a given site and some may need to make use of these cranes. Much confusion can arise when one manager is trying to organize the use of a crane that the other managers are unaware of.

Learning more about RTG and RMG cranes should be a top priority for all managers and executives within the construction and development industry. As mentioned, there could be many instances where they are required to assist others who need to use this type of crane. In scenarios like this, not having the right expertise could lead to delays and problems on a site, which will ultimately lead to lowered profitability of a project. Hence, when considering the fact that the profitability of a project may be on the line, more and more professionals in the industry should seek to learn more about these cranes.If you want to know more information, please click http://gruaportico.cl/gruas-portico-sobre-ruedas/

Thankfully, there’s plenty of information available regarding RTG and RMG cranes. Managers who wish to learn more should seek out the advice of fellow colleagues first. This is because the use of these cranes can be different depending on the industry (grúa en industria). Getting advice and information from someone within the industry and knows how these cranes are applied is the best way to learn more about these types of cranes. However, if this is not possible, then there are still many other ways that professionals in this line of business can learn more.

Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between RMG Cranes And RTG Cranes

Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between RMG Cranes And RTG Cranes

Throughout the internet, there’s plentiful information which details everything about the technical aspects of RMG and RTG cranes to their various applications. Professionals that want to get a good working knowledge about these types of cranes may find a lot of value in looking up these metrics. From there, they may be able to supplement their new found knowledge by talking to other managers within their sector.

Overall, nothing but good can come out of project managers learning more about RTG and RMG cranes. These cranes are said to become more and more prominent on sites all across the world. Not knowing how these cranes operate could be very embarrassing for an otherwise highly skilled and competent professional.

What Are The Advantages & Features Of Workshop Gantry Cranes For Industrial Environments?

Gantry cranes come in all sizes, and they can be used outdoors, too. If you have seen some of the larger cranes, then you are likely already familiar with that fact. What are the features of these types of cranes, and what are their advantages? What do you plan to use one for? Let’s take a look at more information about workshop gantry cranes.

Overhead cranes can help save space in certain types of operations. Do you own and operate a metal fabrication facility? That is just one example where these types of cranes can be used to help clear up space. When these types of cranes are set up, the layout of the place is especially important. In other words, customized options come into play, which is actually one of the many advantages of using overhead gantry cranes.

double beam semi gantry crane sale

double beam semi gantry crane for sale

Sometimes facilities have overhead cranes that are underutilized. They may not have as much need for them, or they may not be maximizing their use for them. These cranes have unique capabilities, and that’s important to mention as you get to looking at their features. Is there a difference between overhead and gantry cranes? That is something you would definitely want to know as well.

Even when you narrow down what you’re looking for to gantry cranes, you’re going to see a variety of them available. What are the safety concerns when it comes to these cranes? Did you know that these cranes sometimes have a trolley that they run on as well? All of products consist of container gantry crane and quay gantry crane etc have reliable safety protection system.

When I was first looking at gantry cranes, the images I saw didn’t make me think that they sometimes come with a track or trolley system. I thought those types of cranes were different. It’s very interesting that they are actually in the same category, but there can be variations, as well as similarities to other types of gantry cranes.

workshop semi gantry crane manufacturer

workshop semi gantry crane for sale

To familiarize yourself with your options, you might actually want to look more closely at the way these gantry cranes are set up. You can see images of them when you search listings, but seeing them set up within different facilities can also help. You will be able to find images of that nature online, and you might even want to look at a facility in your area in which gantry cranes are used.

That would give you a first-hand look at how these gantry cranes are used to help move loads. They are certainly used within all kinds of industries, and so you have made a good choice. It’s time to take a closer look at the features and advantages of these gantry cranes.

The features will certainly look a little different from listing to listing. The prices will, too. Therefore, you want a good idea of what you’re looking for and what customized solutions you need. As you become more familiar with these cranes, you will be able to better tell exactly what it is that you need for your facility. It’s going to be nice having a gantry crane to use.

Useful reference: //weihuagantrycranes.com/workshop-gantry-crane/.

small workshop gantry crane supplier

small workshop gantry crane

Top Things To Consider When Choosing A 10 Ton Gantry Crane

A gantry crane that can lift a total of 10 tons might be all that you need for your particular line of work. These can be in many different styles, designed for interior or outdoor functions, such as moving small containers or even engines inside. Those that have these installed can start using them right away. The controls are very simplistic. If you think about it, these cranes only have a couple of functions. Up and down movement, side to side movement, and they may also be rolled from one place to another if mobile. These are the top things that you must consider when selecting a 10 ton gantry crane that will be used at your business this year.

Why You Should Consider Getting This Particular Gantry Crane

the main reason that you need to get one of these is that it will speed up everything. You may have been using a smaller crane before, causing you to break down the different loads that you had so they could actually be lifted. Now you will simply attach the hoist to the container you are moving. It will lift everything easily and in one piece. It is much smaller than others such as 30 ton, or even 100 ton, gantry cranes that are available right now. You could get a larger one like that, but if you are never going to need to move something that heavy, you would be wasting your money and would not have the one that you actually need.

What To Consider When Making Your Selection

If you make a selection, it will be based on three factors. First of all, is it portable or not. Second, how much weight does lift. Finally, you need to choose the right style of gantry crane. You could get a rail mounted gantry crane which will move very easily outside, sometimes moving into an interior location. You can also get a very large cantilever crane, one that is exceedingly large and used for lifting enormous objects and containers. When making this choice, just narrow it down to those that can lift 10 tons or less. You can also find some feedback online about the different companies that offer them.

10 Ton Semi Gantry Crane

10 Ton Semi Gantry Crane

What If You Need A Discount Price?

Sometimes the only thing keeping someone from making a decision to buy is the final cost. They will consider taxes, shipping, and miscellaneous fees. What you want is a product that is designed by a well-known manufacturer, but they also need to give you a nice price break. If they can do that, and the machine is trusted, then you are making a wise decision. It takes a little effort but you will eventually obtain one of these gantry cranes for a reasonable amount.

These gantry cranes are very simplistic in their design. They are, however, very powerful. Once installed, and when mastered by either you or a worker, you will see production levels rise. Things that you could not have lifted before will now be possible because it’s so easy to use. Whether this is used inside, or outside of your property, it will be a very positive experience.

A Closer Look In The Structure Of Your Single Girder Gantry Crane

Learning how gantry cranes job is far simpler when you comprehend the components who go into their design. By using a close look on the structure of your single girder gantry crane, you may get a clearer picture of exactly how these cranes operate.

The most effective way to clarify how these cranes are created is first of all the greatest parts of the crane. These cranes possess a single girder that may be connected on either sides by two large legs. Together, the girder along with the legs form a structure that looks somewhat similar to a bridge.

With a single girder gantry crane, there is simply one girder connecting the legs. This is unlike a double girder crane where the two main girders or beams that connect the legs.

Towards the bottom for each leg is some wheels. Dependant upon the style of the crane, these may be either hard rubber wheels that can roll over smooth surfaces for example asphalt or concrete or they may be metal wheels that can are powered by tracks in much exactly the same as being a train.

Attached to the girder is a device known as a trolley. The trolley is usually controlled by electricity and moves forward and backward across the entire length of the girder on a set of small wheels. On extremely large cranes, the operator in the crane may actually ride within the trolley, manipulating the crane from inside a glass enclosed cab. On smaller cranes, however, the operator controls the crane using a handheld remote or even a stationary control panel near the crane.

The last component of the crane will be the hoist. This product hangs down through the trolley. It possesses a hook, strap, or magnet in the end that is attached to whatever object will be lifted. The appearance of the hoist uses several special gears to reduce the level of force that is needed to lift these objects off the ground. More at https://ellsengantrycrane.com/single-girder-gantry-crane/.

To function the crane, the crane operator first securely attaches the hoist to whatever object has been moved. Next, using the user interface or remote control, they raise the load up and running with all the hoist. Once it is actually high enough in the air, then they move the trolley over the girder on the correct position.

When the item is definitely being moved along the size of the beam, then they lower it down again to the floor. However, should it be being relocated to a totally different area, they could then move the entire crane while using wheels connected to the legs in order to have the object within the correct position before lowering it down again.

As you now be aware of the basic structure of your single girder gantry crane, it must be much easier to comprehend how they work. Although these cranes are quite obvious with regards to their overall design, they can be extremely beneficial at any time you can find heavy objects that should be lifted or moved. More at https://ellsengantrycrane.com/.