What Are The Different Types Of Garage Gantry Cranes?

We normally think of gantry cranes for use in shipping yards, factories, and warehouses. Garage gantry cranes are usually smaller versions of the large gantry cranes and can be used in smaller shops and even in garages.

Most garage gantry cranes you will find are small in size and designed to lift between 500 to 5000 pounds. You can find them with heavier lifting capacities, but the size of the gantry assembly will usually be larger and may not fit in a standard home garage or an automotive garage.

common garage gantry crane

common garage gantry crane in Weihua group

The average gantry crane for use in a garage is portable and mounted on wheels. This allows for easy movement of loads without all the overhead structures associated with large gantry cranes. You will find a couple of different options on the wheels for these portable cranes. Some units come equipped with steel wheels for added durability. Other units come equipped with rubber covered wheels which often work better when you encounter small obstacles or cracks in the floor. The rubber wheels are also gentler on concrete floors when they are being moved.

The wheels are normally equipped with brakes to make sure the crane does not slip while you are lifting and lowering loads.

Where do the differences start to come in?

One of the biggest differences is in the type of hoists the cranes are equipped with. Since these are normally low-cost cranes, it is common to find them equipped with manual hoists. You pull the chains to raise and lower your loads. For just a few extra dollars, you can have a similar crane equipped with an electric hoist. An electric hoist makes raising and lowering your load easier and more accurate.

Your garage gantry crane will have two vertical beams which are supported with triangular braces. The top horizontal beam will be designed to allow you to move the load side-to-side with rollers built onto the hoist mechanism.

single girder garage gantry crane for sale

single girder garage gantry crane

You should consider how large of span and how much height you need for your garage crane. Common variables run from a 3-meter span up to 9 meters. Heights are normally in the same ranges. Some garage gantry cranes have adjustable heights allowing you to raise and lower the vertical beams depending on your current needs. This is a nice feature when using the crane in a machine shop, or other business, where different users may require different lifting capabilities. As a professional gantry crane manufacturer, we provide various gantry cranes with different lifting capacities, such as gantry crane for workshop and port gantry crane etc.

You can buy garage gantry cranes from a wide variety of suppliers, or you can build your own. Do-it-yourself plans are available online for building your crane. We do not recommend businesses build their own cranes, since it may cause additional liability issues.

Garage gantry cranes may be the simplest form of crane you can buy, but you still need to shop carefully. Make sure you choose a crane that will handle the maximum loads you may ever need to lift. Compare prices for electric hoists versus manual hoists, you may be able to save yourself effort for very little difference in price.

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